Chop-chop! Fast and Powerful Log Splitters

Portek Quik-Split 7

Get your hands on the fastest log-splitter on the market today… at Truro Tractors Chacewater.

Watch the Quick-Split 7 in action

The QuikSplit is a super fast, powerful and portable machine, with a build quality you expect from Portek.

Portek Quick Split 7

With a convenient handle, strong chassis and wheels, the QuikSplit can easily be positioned on any flat ground, ready to start work. Two large spinning flywheels, powered by a 1.5kw electric motor, drive the powerful ram with a force of 7 tonnes. The machine uses kinetic energy to hit your logs with high impact; cutting them quickly and safely.

For the release mechanism, 2 hands are needed. One to engage the drive mechanism, the other to release the ram. The ram springs back in no time at all, ready for the next log. The heavy duty steel guards ensures you are safe from the mechanics – and the safety switch is located next to the handles, for extra fast stopping if required.

Portek Quick Split 7
Portek Quik-Split 7

Handy THPL – 6 – Plus

Of course, it you don’t need so much power, the more modest 6 ton, hydraulic log splitter from Handy may be more up your street.

Handy 6 tonne log splitter
Handy 6 ton log splitter

The Handy THLS-6-PLUS Log Splitter comes complete with a stand that brings the machine to waist height, making the task of log splitting even less stressful. It has a 2200 watt electric motor, is compact enough to be stored easily in either your shed or garage.

With its 6 ton capacity, this log splitter has been designed and manufactured to quickly and easily split logs, a great timesaver. You can split your logs safely due to the two-handed operation, and the log splitter has been mounted on wheels and features a pull handle enabling easy transport, when you need to move it to your work area.

Horticulture at Truro Tractors

Call Nick and Les in the horticulture department at Truro Tractors, Chacewater to discuss how hydraulic log-splitters can make your life easier.  Ring 01209 821 444, today.

Mutlimass from MX

Innovative, modular and multipurpose weights, with 3-point AND automatic hitching

MX Multimass
MX Multimass

New on the market, and available at Truro Tractors, the Multimass concept weight system from MX gives you a huge variety of possibilities.

6 models of MX weights, 14 possible configurations, from 250kg up to 2300kg

Amenity Weights

Starting with the 3 Point Amenity Weights, their flat bottom design ensures they can be easily hitched and unhitched on all type of terrain. The small 250kg weight comes with Category 1 hitching, whilst the larger 400kg weight has Cat 1 and 2 hitching.

Mutlimass Concept Weights

The Multimass Concept weights come in four sizes, and have Cat 2 to 4 hitching.  With 4 models and 12 possible configurations, mix and match as you require, from 600 to 2300 kg.

Mutlimass Optional Equipment

Extend the range with the Multimass Concept Optional Equipment.

The Multimass 400 AD gives you the option of adding 1 to 2 additional weights of 400kg to the primary weight; and the Multibox is a storage compartment with 168L capacity, which attaches to either a primary or additional weight.

Mix it up
Mix it up
Call Truro Tractors to discuss your weight requirements,
and how the MX Multimass can provide the solution.

Chacewater 01209 821444
Wadebridge 01208 815815
Treburley 01579 371133

Follow this link for the RRP

Autumn leaves – Beautiful, but back-breaking

Making Light Work of Leaves

“Leaves covered pavement like soggy cereal,” wrote Patricia Cornwell in her novel The Body Farm, and whilst autumn is a magical season of soft russet and saffron shades on a changing landscape, it does create work for the gardener.

Draper Leaf Rakes

Extra-wide Draper leaf rake
Extra-wide Draper leaf rake £13.20

Truro Tractors has a range of tools to make your job easier.  Starting at the small end of the scale, choose from a selection of leaf rakes. The Draper Garden Leaf Rake comes in two sizes: large 550mm (£5.70), and extra wide 700mm (£13.20 – pictured).

The large rake has a 23-tooth head, whilst the extra wide model has 30 teeth. Both tools have comfortable handles of varnished natural wood; and heads made from strong, flexible plastic, and make raking the grass much easier and quicker.

Darlac Rake ‘n’ Shift

Take a new look at grounds maintenance with the Darlac Rake ‘n’ Shift innovation.

Amazingly lightweight with a long handle to eliminate backache – the large model also has a curved handle to assist use with larger loads. Use as a standard rake for leaves, grass cuttings, clippings etc, then turn over and shovel up.

Honda Cordless Leaf Blower

If you have a bit more ground to cover, you might be interested in the Honda HHBE81 BE Cordless Blower.  This attachment is powered by the 56v lithium-ion battery, and provides 120mph maximum air speed.  Its quiet, lightweight, compact, and operates for up to 30 minutes, (on a 4A battery), making easy work of a back-breaking job, with-out the inconvenience of an electric cable!

Honda leaf blower
Honda leaf blower £165

You will need to purchase a battery and charger for this product (if you do not already own them).  The battery and charger are available separately, at the price of £185 and £50 respectively, from Truro Tractors – your local Honda Authorised Dealer.

Portek Shred n Vac

Portek Shred n Vac £70

Then again, why rake or blow leaves, when you can suck them up! Grab your self a gardening bargain this autumn with the Portek Shred n Vac for only £70.

The Shred n Vac can be used on any surface.  The powerful 1200W motor sucks up leaves and other garden debris into a large, (but easy to empty), 25 litre waste bag.

Debris is shredded to make mulch.

The machine light and easy to use, and is also height adjustable to make it even easier to manoeuvre.

Truro Tractors –  Horticulture

Pop into the Chacewater branch of Truro Tractors today, and discuss your gardening requirements.  Les and Nick are on hand to answer any queries, and demonstrate the horticultural machinery – and are equally happy to help you over the phone.  Call 01209 821 444 to chat with them now.

Wessex Log Splitters at Truro Tractors

Log Splitters by Wessex International

Wessex log splitters are a popular item at Truro Tractors – even more so at this time of year.  Autumn is a good season to fell trees as the birds have finished nesting, and foliage is starting to die back, making it easier to see what you are doing.

Wessex International offers two versions of tractor mounted log splitters, designed to make the time-consuming chore of log splitting, faster and safer.  Pop down to the Chacewater branch of Truro Tractors, and find out which one is best suited to your requirements.

LS100 – Vertical Log Splitter

The Wessex Country LS-100 logsplitter is a top seller at Truro Tractors.  Strong, simple, and a quick, easy fit to any tractor with a category 1 three-point linkage, the LS-100 powers through logs effortlessly, with up to 10 ton of hydraulic splitting force (depending on tractor hydraulics).

A floor-level splitting bed means it’s easy to position logs into place, while two-handed operation keeps the user safe.

HLS100 Horiztonal Log Splitter

The Wessex HLS100 horizontal logsplitter further reduces back strain that is associated with logsplitting.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Lift a log on to  the HLS-100 platform
  2. Pull the HLS-100 saftey handles towards you
  3. The log splits and travels along the loading shoot and into a trailer or wheel barrow

Call your local branch of Truro Tractors and ask about the Wessex International log splitters, today.

And if you fancy the compact New Holland Boomer 25 featured in the photographs, you can pick one up for the bargain price of £8,950 net. Likewise, the Beaconsfield 1.2T tipping trailer is also for sale. Talk to Truro Tractors, and strike a deal!

Chacewater 01209 821444
 Wadebridge 01208 815815
Treburley 01579 371133


Helston & St Keverne YFC Annual Ploughing Match

This year, on Saturday 10th September, the Helston & St Keverne YFC Annual Ploughing Match will be raising money for The Headland Unit and The Urology Clinic at Treliske – with free entry and carparking, there’s no reason not to come along and support this charitable event.

This all-day fun event will be held at Higher Nansloe Farm, Helston, TR13 0SB, courtesy of the Benney family.


Helston& St Keverne Ploughing Match
Pic from

Entries have now closed for the competition, but you can still cheer for your favourite tractor.  As well as the traditional ploughing competitions, there are five different classes in the Tractor Pull to keep you entertained, as well as sheaf-pitching.


Helston& St Keverne Ploughing Match

Throughout the day, there will be a barbecue serving sizzling burgers and bacon baps.  Leave some space in your tummy, and treat yourself to a delicious cake from the Domestic Tent which will also be housing beautiful flowers, crafts, photos, and the entries for the farm produce competition.

Spend some time admiring the Vintage Tractor section – including the best Original, and Best Restored.

Pic from

When the ploughing is over, the day is still far from done.  If you have a good eye for a shot (or even if your don’t), there is the opportunity to take part in the a clay pigeon shoot.


Round off your day by dancing at the disco – as they say on their website, “There ain’t no party like a Young Farmers Party!”


Follow this link to their Facebook page or click here to see their poster.


The Boomer 25 from New Holland – only £8,950 net

Need something small yet powerful to help maintain your farm?  The Boomer 25 compact tractor from New Holland is responsive, efficient and comfortable, and built to make your jobs easier.  Suitable for golf courses, municipal land, and small farms, the Boomer 25 will see you right whether you need to mow the lawn, top a paddock, dig a drain, cultivate the garden, clear snow, clean a stable yard or install a fence. Boomer tractors are for you – these tractors make it easy to change implements so you can move quickly from job to job.

New Holland Boomer 25 Compact Tractor
New Holland Boomer 25 Compact Tractor

Quiet, fuel-efficient three cylinder engines give you the power you need for mowing, digging cultivating, and much, much more. You get fast implement response and steering thanks to the high-capacity, dual-pump hydraulic system.

The Boomer 25  is equipped with a 2-range hydrostatic transmission with a single pedal.

It manoeuvres easily around and, thanks to generous ground clearance, over obstacles. Four-wheel drive gives you the traction you need to get through rough patches.

Whether you need to mow the lawn, top a paddock, dig a drain, cultivate the garden, clear snow, clean a stable yard or install a fence, Boomer tractors are for you. These tractors make it easy to change implements so you can move quickly from job to job.
• Category I three-point hitch
• One rear hydraulic remote as standard
• Independent, electro-hydraulic 540-rpm rear PTO


The sloped bonnet which not only looks great, also makes your job easier with phenomenal forward visibility. Your view is enhanced with a lighting package that’s the best in the business.


  • Gross horsepower [kW/hp(CV)]: 20/27
  • Transmission Type, Mechanical / hydrostatic: HST+2 range
  • 3-point lift capacity @ ball ends (kg): 650
  • Weight (kg): 772

Boomer tractors are easy to maintain. Checkpoints are easy to reach and the flip-up bonnet gives you complete access to the engine, battery, radiator and air filters.

Boomer 25 at Truro Tractors
Boomer 25 at Truro Tractors

The Boomer 25 retails for £12,125 net – you could own one from just £8,950 net.  Click on the photo above for more images of the Boomer 25 at Truro Tractors, Chacewater or call our sales team today on 01209 821 444.

Chacewater 01209 821 444
Wadebridge 01208 815 815
Treburley 01579 371 133

6 Illuminating Torches to Light Your Way

The “Flashlight”

As long ago as 1899, the invention of the dry-cell, and miniature incandescent electric lightbulbs, made the first battery-powered torches possible.

Early flashlights ran on zinc-carbon batteries, which could not provide a steady electric current and required periodic “rest” to continue functioning.[1] Because these early flashlights also used energy-inefficient carbon-filament bulbs, “resting” occurred at short intervals. Consequently, they could be used only in brief flashes, hence the common North American name “flashlight”.[2]  (Wikipedia)

So, “How Many Torches do I need?” This question burns brightly on internet chatrooms.  You might like to think you only need one – until you realise how many there are and how a particular design characteristic will make a new torch essential for the job at hand.

I need a torch for…

  1. The Car48217_kr-led
    Your definitely need a torch for the car.  One for each car.  And for each tractor.  Something with a lithium battery that’s ready when you need it.  Small enough to fit in the glove box, this LED Key Ring Torch from Draper is just £2.39 

  2. Breakdownswl-3-emergency-working-light
    The Emergency Working Light from Cluson should also be a definite for the car.  With so many functions including a hanging LED so you can inspect under the bonnet, and a flashing emergency light to warn others that you’ve broken down, this versatile torch is a great tool to keep you safe.
    £23.94 at Truro Tractors

  3. The Caravanltn-2-10x8
    Have you ever tried to sit around the table and play cards by torch?  It doesn’t really work, does it.  When you are off the grid, or if the power is out at home, a camping lantern can shed its light all around and allow you to enjoy a comfortable evening.  Also super-handy if you are off out on a fishing trip. £5.99 each

  4. pl-1-pocket-lightPocket Torch
    A small light for Every-Day-Carrying and night stand duty: an EDC torch needs to be robust and portable.  It should help you see in the dark, in tight spaces, or under the sofa – and you might even find it handy to blind an attacker if you’re ever in trouble.  Cluson’s Individual Pocket Light has a wrist-strap, as well as a handy pocket-clip and projects an incredible 150m beam from a single AA battery.  Only £7.14 

  5. Head torchdraper-07190-head-torch-300
    An essential piece of kit for camping or walking the dog.  Head torches come in a variety of styles  – and you can even get wind-up versions. Perfect for those times you need to be hands-free like fishing or map-reading.£5.10


  6. clu13-clu-liter-classic-led-6x41 large light
    You need an amazing torch.  This would be the one that was used to light up the great outdoors or for emergencies. One based on award-winning design… the Clu-Liter Classic LED is based on the award-winning non-LED version, and is 4 times brighter than the original!Lighter, more compact, better duration than before, this is the torch for you.  500m spectacular spot beam and an ever-lasting LED: everything about this torch says Best in Class. £28.80 at Truro Tractors

Chacewater 01209 821444
Wadebridge 01208 815815
Treburley 01579 371133

Honda Premium Lawn Tractors – Special offers

Honda Lawn & Garden at Truro Tractors

Truro Tractors is an Authorised Dealer for Honda Lawn & Garden, and stocks a huge range of garden machinery at the depot in Chacewater. From the small garden, self-propelled Izy; to large petrol ride-on mowers – and everything in between including…

…brushcutters, hedgetimmers, blowers, pumps, generators, and the Honda Versatool.  Truro Tractors is also the only dealer in Cornwall where you can buy Honda’s famous robotic mowing machine, Miimo.

Honda HF2622 HME

Honda HF2622 HME
Honda HF2622 HME

Special Offer £41,99
RRP £5,099 (inc vat)

5 year warranty
Hydrostatic transmission
48″ (122cm) cutting width
350 litre grass collector
Versamow (built-in mulching)

The Honda HF2622 HME is a premium lawn tractor is ideal for very large lawns. Twin fans assist grass collection, and operation benefits from smooth, push-button blade engagement. 

With the Pro OHV V-twin 688cc engine and wider cutter width, you can cut more grass – quicker. This model features a manually operated grass-dumping mechanism that opens and closes the 350-litre collection bag.

Available in-store at Truro Tractors, Chacewater, the Honda HF2622 HME usually retails at £5,099.  Get yours today, with FREE DELIVERY  in Cornwall, for just £4,199 including VAT.

Honda HF2622 HTE

Honda HF2622 HTE
Honda HF2622 HTE

Special offer £4,299
RRP £5,299 (inc vat)
Save £1,000!

Free delivery in Cornwall

Another premium lawn tractor from Honda, the HF2622 HTE has the same features as as the HME, but includes electric grass dump – the grass bag is opened and assisted with an electric motor at the touch of a switch.

Honda HF2622 HTE
Honda HF2622 HTE

Save over £1,000 when you buy this professional Honda lawn tractor with 122cm synchronous blades, Versamow™ mulching and electric grass dump from Truro Tractors. Call Les or Nick on 01209 821 444 today.



Honda HF2315 HM

Honda HF2315 HM
Honda HF2315 HM

The HF2315 HM is a standard lawn tractor, powered by a 530cc V-twin engine.  There’s a variable speed with hydrostatic transmission and one reverse, as well as two asynchronous 92cm blades and an Optiflow fan-powered system for better grass collection.

HF2315 HM Special offer £3,000
RRP £3,599 (inc vat)
Free delivery in Cornwall

Truro Tractors is an authorised dealer, and service centre, for Honda in Cornwall.
Call Les or Nick on 01209 821 444, at the Chacewater depot with your questions.

Arbortec Forestwear

Unrivalled Performance & Comfort

Available at Truro Tractors, Abortec Forestwear is a leading brand in premium arborist and forestry equipment.
The range includes protective footwear, gloves and clothing for the professional, which has been designed using the latest technology and materials to ensure superior performance and comfort.

Protective clothing has to be as light and comfortable as possible. The Breatheflex range from Arbortec is designed to keep the wearer at peak performance, both in the trees and on the ground.

The Abortec Forestwear Jacket

The Breatheflex Performance Work Jacket is smart, and comfortable.  Made of breathe-able fabric, the sleeves also zip-off, transforming the jacket into a stylish body warmer and keeping you cool whilst hard at work.  With two large zip-up side pockets, two internal chest pockets, and rear pockets, your equipment will be safely stored and close at hand.

Currently available online (only one Medium jacket remaining!), at Truro Tractors for the discounted price of £180, including postage, you’ll be hard pressed to find this professional workwear at a better price.

Please note: This garment is not chainsaw protective in the standard version.

Arbortec Type A Class 1 Trousers

Chainsaw trousers come in two types, and two classes. Type A trousers offer saw protection to the front of the legs only; and Class 1 protection is rated to 20m/s.

Made with breathe-able Climasphere fabric, and re-inforced seams, these chainsaw trousers are comfortable, and snag resistant.

Available in three sizes at Truro Tractors online, the Arbortec Chainsaw trousers are priced at £180, with free P&P.

X-pert Chainsaw gloves

X-pert Chainsaw Gloves
X-pert Chainsaw Gloves

The Arbortec AT900 Xpert Chainsaw Gloves are rated Class 0, (16m/s). The gel filled palm pads are super comfortable, and rubber tipped fingers give enhanced grip – even when wet.

Truro Tractors has just one pair remaining, in size 10 (palm circumference 254mm; palm length 127mm).  Get your hands on these professional chainsaw gloves at the bargain price of £30.80 (plus P&P).

Arbortec Scafell Class 1 Chainsaw Boot

A technical mountain boot  with the addition of safety toecap and chainsaw protection layer, the waterproof Scafell is built for the toughest working environments.

Shop online at Truro Tractors today and the Scafell boots can be yours for the bargain price of £200 (size 8 only – plus P&P).

Launceston Show

Launceston Agricultural Show  – 28th July 2016

The 2016 Launceston Agricultural Show is to be held on Thursday the 28th of July.  This one-day event is held 3 miles west of Launceston at Kennards House.

Launceston Show dates back to 1887, and in its early days was widely known as an equestrian event.  Today, as well as the traditional exhibitions of horses, cattle and sheep, visitors can expect to find theatre, crafts, and over 150 different trade stands.


Launceston Show is open to the public from 9am until 6pm. Entrance to the show costs £10 for an adult; and£3 for children aged 5-16 years. Children under the age of 5 are entitled to free entry.

Getting there

FREE BUS SERVICE runs from Westgate Street to the Show Field. The bus leaves Westgate Street at 10am, 12noon and 2pm, returning at 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

FREE CAR PARK. Kennards House is just off the A30, and signs are in place for all major routes. The postcode is PL5

 What’s On

Thursday’s Launceston Show looks to be the biggest and best yet. There is something for everyone, cattle, sheep, horses, trade stands, entertainment, food, music, dance, what more could you want?