Celebrating William Morris

Beautiful gardening gloves, featuring prints by William Morris.

William Morris 1834-1896

Google is marking the anniversary of the birth of Victorian textile designer William Morris, with one  of it’s celebrated Google Doodles.  Morris was more than just a designer:  he  was also a poet, philosopher and political theorist.


Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

Morris saw the beauty of repetition, symmetry and simplification in design. His textiles represented nature and the organic world around him.

The garden company Briers, brings together these colourful, floral prints with a range of their quality garden tools and accessories in their William Morris Range.  The Strawberry Thief Collection has received fantastic industry recognition – having succeeded in being nominated as a finalist in the Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards 2016 (winner to be announced on April 20th).

At Truro Tractors, you can get your hand on Briers gardening gloves with either the muted greens of the May Morris’ Honeysuckle print designed in 1883; or the indigo shades of Edward Morris’ famous Strawberry Thief design, inspired by a thrush he watched stealing fruit from his kitchen garden in Oxford.  Both pairs are available in store at the Chacewater branch of Truro Tractors, or in the on-line store for the low price of £9 (RRP £12.99)

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