Autumn leaves – Beautiful, but back-breaking

Making Light Work of Leaves

“Leaves covered pavement like soggy cereal,” wrote Patricia Cornwell in her novel The Body Farm, and whilst autumn is a magical season of soft russet and saffron shades on a changing landscape, it does create work for the gardener.

Draper Leaf Rakes

Extra-wide Draper leaf rake
Extra-wide Draper leaf rake £13.20

Truro Tractors has a range of tools to make your job easier.  Starting at the small end of the scale, choose from a selection of leaf rakes. The Draper Garden Leaf Rake comes in two sizes: large 550mm (£5.70), and extra wide 700mm (£13.20 – pictured).

The large rake has a 23-tooth head, whilst the extra wide model has 30 teeth. Both tools have comfortable handles of varnished natural wood; and heads made from strong, flexible plastic, and make raking the grass much easier and quicker.

Darlac Rake ‘n’ Shift

Take a new look at grounds maintenance with the Darlac Rake ‘n’ Shift innovation.

Amazingly lightweight with a long handle to eliminate backache – the large model also has a curved handle to assist use with larger loads. Use as a standard rake for leaves, grass cuttings, clippings etc, then turn over and shovel up.

Honda Cordless Leaf Blower

If you have a bit more ground to cover, you might be interested in the Honda HHBE81 BE Cordless Blower.  This attachment is powered by the 56v lithium-ion battery, and provides 120mph maximum air speed.  Its quiet, lightweight, compact, and operates for up to 30 minutes, (on a 4A battery), making easy work of a back-breaking job, with-out the inconvenience of an electric cable!

Honda leaf blower
Honda leaf blower £165

You will need to purchase a battery and charger for this product (if you do not already own them).  The battery and charger are available separately, at the price of £185 and £50 respectively, from Truro Tractors – your local Honda Authorised Dealer.

Portek Shred n Vac

Portek Shred n Vac £70

Then again, why rake or blow leaves, when you can suck them up! Grab your self a gardening bargain this autumn with the Portek Shred n Vac for only £70.

The Shred n Vac can be used on any surface.  The powerful 1200W motor sucks up leaves and other garden debris into a large, (but easy to empty), 25 litre waste bag.

Debris is shredded to make mulch.

The machine light and easy to use, and is also height adjustable to make it even easier to manoeuvre.

Truro Tractors –  Horticulture

Pop into the Chacewater branch of Truro Tractors today, and discuss your gardening requirements.  Les and Nick are on hand to answer any queries, and demonstrate the horticultural machinery – and are equally happy to help you over the phone.  Call 01209 821 444 to chat with them now.

6 Illuminating Torches to Light Your Way

The “Flashlight”

As long ago as 1899, the invention of the dry-cell, and miniature incandescent electric lightbulbs, made the first battery-powered torches possible.

Early flashlights ran on zinc-carbon batteries, which could not provide a steady electric current and required periodic “rest” to continue functioning.[1] Because these early flashlights also used energy-inefficient carbon-filament bulbs, “resting” occurred at short intervals. Consequently, they could be used only in brief flashes, hence the common North American name “flashlight”.[2]  (Wikipedia)

So, “How Many Torches do I need?” This question burns brightly on internet chatrooms.  You might like to think you only need one – until you realise how many there are and how a particular design characteristic will make a new torch essential for the job at hand.

I need a torch for…

  1. The Car48217_kr-led
    Your definitely need a torch for the car.  One for each car.  And for each tractor.  Something with a lithium battery that’s ready when you need it.  Small enough to fit in the glove box, this LED Key Ring Torch from Draper is just £2.39 

  2. Breakdownswl-3-emergency-working-light
    The Emergency Working Light from Cluson should also be a definite for the car.  With so many functions including a hanging LED so you can inspect under the bonnet, and a flashing emergency light to warn others that you’ve broken down, this versatile torch is a great tool to keep you safe.
    £23.94 at Truro Tractors

  3. The Caravanltn-2-10x8
    Have you ever tried to sit around the table and play cards by torch?  It doesn’t really work, does it.  When you are off the grid, or if the power is out at home, a camping lantern can shed its light all around and allow you to enjoy a comfortable evening.  Also super-handy if you are off out on a fishing trip. £5.99 each

  4. pl-1-pocket-lightPocket Torch
    A small light for Every-Day-Carrying and night stand duty: an EDC torch needs to be robust and portable.  It should help you see in the dark, in tight spaces, or under the sofa – and you might even find it handy to blind an attacker if you’re ever in trouble.  Cluson’s Individual Pocket Light has a wrist-strap, as well as a handy pocket-clip and projects an incredible 150m beam from a single AA battery.  Only £7.14 

  5. Head torchdraper-07190-head-torch-300
    An essential piece of kit for camping or walking the dog.  Head torches come in a variety of styles  – and you can even get wind-up versions. Perfect for those times you need to be hands-free like fishing or map-reading.£5.10


  6. clu13-clu-liter-classic-led-6x41 large light
    You need an amazing torch.  This would be the one that was used to light up the great outdoors or for emergencies. One based on award-winning design… the Clu-Liter Classic LED is based on the award-winning non-LED version, and is 4 times brighter than the original!Lighter, more compact, better duration than before, this is the torch for you.  500m spectacular spot beam and an ever-lasting LED: everything about this torch says Best in Class. £28.80 at Truro Tractors

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Treburley 01579 371133

National Gardening Week

Great Gardening Deals

What a start to National Gardening Week – after the storms of Sunday night, the sun is now shining brightly here in Cornwall: warming up the earth, ready for a spot of digging.

At Truro Tractors, the Draper spring & summer deals have arrived.  Pop into the store just outside of Chacewater and choose from a range of quality tools – there’s something for every job.

Don’t worry about getting dirty either: we have a colourful selection of gardening gloves; and footware from robust rubber wellies, to light-weight gardening clogs.  Happy Gardening!




Gruffalo Gardening Tools this Easter

Easter holidays are here – such fun, no school!
Time to get busy with a garden tool
With a trowel and a fork, and glove and a rake
What a pretty garden we shall make!

Easter holidays are here – such fun, no school!
Time to get busy with a garden tool
With a trowel and a fork, and glove and a rake
What a pretty garden we shall make!

At Truro Tractors you can kit out your little gruffalo with all the tools necessary to keep them busy in the garden.

This range of garden gloves come in three sizes has latex rubberised  gloves with elasticated knitted wrists.  From £2.99 at Truro Tractors, Chacewater, or on-line.

A gardener is nothing without their tools!  Gruffalo tools are stainless steel and painted in bright colours.


Tools are available individually.
The watering can is £7.32, and each hand-tool is just £2.50

Young gardeners can keep all their tools handy in this colourful, printed bag.  Comes with a watering can, and three steel tools.  The painted steel trowel, fork and take are for little hands with each featuring a wooden handle, hanging loop and Gruffalo illustrations.  All items in the bag have their own unique colour scheme. Buy the set for £12.00, save nearly £3.00 – and get the funky bag to keep them all tidy!

Get your little gruffalo’s garden supplies from the Chacewater branch of Truro Tractors, or buy in the online store.  Free delivery to your local branch of Truro Tractors!

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